My job is my passion


Do you believe that one person can realize all ideas, solve all problems ? Unlikely. That is why it is worth to talk, to increase your opportunity. While talking about the task, we make ourselves aware of our real needs. During conversation our experiences and skills lead us to the best solution. It has to be planned, accomplished and reviewed. Do it together.


I offer my experience from many years working both in my own company as well as in the big corporation, supported by education in Poland and abroad. We acquire knowledge our entire life, I did it not only at the universities but mainly through contact with people living in different cultures and conditions, in Japan, USA, Switzerland or Peru. I have learnt business by making many decisions, sometimes unconventional, solving problems and verifying results of my work.


People are key to the success of any venture – properly prepared to work, trained, evaluated and incentivized. Also in that area I offer my expertise coming from many years of teaching and managing experience.


Passion is not only joy or pleasure, it is also gaining knowledge, expending horizons. We can drink any wine we want, but when we taste the wine properly paired with the food, in optimal temperature and served in special glass, we can feel and value the difference. I offer my passion to fulfill assignment so good, that the difference is clearly seen and sustainable.